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Extamax and Zenerect are two of the alternatives used in treating erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. Though today, various brands of alternatives are out in the market, picking the right one is really hard. All of these brands are claiming to be very affective, how will you know if you're on the wrong brand?

Looking for best brands should be based on the ingredients. Ingredients should be well-known and proved to potent in giving the best effects they could possible give. You should make a checklist of the best ingredients you want your supplements you have and compare them with the other brands. Check whether Extamax and Zenerect have these ingredients.

Top best ingredients which are good in reversing impotence and erectile dysfunction in men are the following:

Tongkat Ali –It is one of the most powerful ginseng and a natural aphrodisiac.  It can heighten testosterone levels as well as promotes and increases virility and can boost your energy as well.

Gingko Biloba –It can improve blood circulation and can prevent heart disease. It also enhances mental alertness as well increases endurance and energy.

Goat Weed –It is used by Chinese during ancient time and until now as a natural aphrodisiac. It acts as a vasodilator and could strengthen muscles and tendons. It can increase libido as heals impotence and infertility as well.

Saw Palmetto –It is a powerful aphrodisiac that can be used both for men and women. It is also called as a "plant catheter" because it has great effects on men's prostate problems. It can cure impotence, prostate enlargement and can balance hormones as well.

Tribilus Terristris –It is a powerful aphrodisiac used worldwide for many centuries. It can also be served as a dietary supplement which can stimulate bio properties in the body. It is proven to enhance energy and vitality in men.

Make a research on a certain supplement and compare the ingredients with these. If you found that these tops ingredients are on your supplements list, may be you've found the right one. You can also take a look at Extamax and Zenerect if they will be able to suit your needs.

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Extamax And Zenerect Ingredients

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This article was published on 2010/11/20