Firming Lotions Examined - 5 Ingredients You Should Avoid

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Our skin is the part of our body which is continually exposed to the harshness of our environment. It is the interface between our body and the exterior. And hence, it is prone to every day wear and tear. There are several ways to ensure our skin remains as it was in our childhood. Exercise, yoga, meditation are some of the non direct acting methods. Other faster ways would be using one of the many creams, firming lotions, and formulas available in the market.

But care must be taken in choosing the right one. There are several ingredients in firming lotions which must be steered clear of at all costs. The ingredients to avoid in firming lotions are:

1. Alcohols: These are almost always present in the run of the mill lotion. This is because this is the base for carrying any of the active ingredients that are added in the lotion. But the entire purpose of the ingredient is lost if the base itself is not inert.

2. Mineral oil: These are mostly petroleum by products. Yes, they do help in retaining moisture. But at the cost of blocking the pores and hence preventing excretion of waste matter.

3. Fragrance: This is something which can really be avoided by the cosmetic companies. Make sure the fragrance added is from natural sources. Because most of the time they are toxic and carcinogenic.

4. Dioxane: It's a chemical compound which appears as an accidental byproduct of the ethoxylation process in cosmetics manufacturing. It's highly carcinogenic in nature. This is more of an unintentional byproduct and hence needs government regulations to be controlled.

5. Parabens: They are basically preservatives used in skin care products. They are known cancer causing agents and hence must be avoided at all costs. If you find the word paraben in the ingredients list of your bottle, throw it back onto the shelf!

Hence, it is important not to just pick any product off the shelf. Ensure that the firming lotions you intend to buy has good quantities of natural ingredients such as manuka honey, vitamin E and even CynergyTK which have woven their magic on the skin for many years now.

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Firming Lotions Examined - 5 Ingredients You Should Avoid

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This article was published on 2010/03/29