Homemade Pancake Ingredients Ideas

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Homemade pancakes are great solution for breakfast during the weekend. Ready pancake mixes are sometimes considered a "big time saver", but I think that making pancakes from scratch hardly requires much more effort. Basic pancake batter is made of flour, eggs, milk and sometimes melted butter. When you make your own homemade pancakes, you can avoid unnecessary ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup or limit sugar. Moreover, you can add some secret pancake ingredients that will boost the nutritional value of the meal without frightening off picky eaters. After many years of cooking, I learnt how to make healthier, and meal- worthy pancakes. In this article, I will give you some advise, so that you and your family will enjoy eating pancakes even more by using the proper pancake ingredients.

First of all, flour. Try to add oat flour to see the difference in the taste of the homemade pancakes. Or you can whirl oatmeal in your blender and afterwards add it to your pancakes. Oatmeal results in protein boost and it adds fiber to the pancakes. Nutritious and tasty.

Are you bored with using milk all the time when making pancakes? Cottage cheese can be substituted for part of the milk in a recipe. I usually whirl it in the blender or food processor to make it smooth before adding it to the wet ingredients. You can also use plain yogurt instead of cottage cheese or buttermilk. Remember that adding some additional milk may be necessary so that you have the right thickness and texture of the batter.

Use egg whites only instead of whole eggs when making homemade pancakes. That reduces fat of the eggs and pancakes get only protein thanks to this method. I always make pancakes only with egg whites. I buy them in cartons at the grocery store.

Buy some protein powder. For example, I advise you to try out Vanilla Whey Protein Powder. It adds flavor and protein, but not fat to homemade pancakes.

If you want to experiment a little, you can make pancakes with sunflower seeds. Simply, whirl the sunflower seeds in the blender and then add in the pulverized form to the batter. It results in more texture and flavor of the homemade pancakes.

If you want your homemade pancakes to have some nice, nutty flavor, add some flax seed. I usually add tablespoon to flax seed to ¼ cup of batter.

And don't be limited by what I wrote here. Adding one or more secret pancake ingredients will provide some variety in taste and texture as well as some extra nutrients. Instead of highly sweetened maple syrup, try honey or some jam. I advise using spices- specially cinnamon or nutmeg. Be creative and try many varieties of homemade pancakes with different ingredients.

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Homemade Pancake Ingredients Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/03/27